How do you use the self serve wall?

Once you have activated a Community Card or have purchased a Member Card, you can slide your card into any slot above the taps on the self serve beer wall, select your tap, and start pouring.  The screen will indicate how many ounces you have poured, for which you will be charged the indicated amount.  When you have poured your desired amount of beer, simply stop pouring, remove your card, and enjoy!  The cost of the beer you poured will be deducted from your card.  That’s it!* See any BCB Beertender for information and ENJOY!

*Due to state law, each card will stop pouring after 32 ounces.  Please see the cashier to reactivate your card.  

Member card graphic: $50 card=$55, $100 card=$115, $250 card=$300 with discounts!