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Welcome to the community! 

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Important Stuff!

Days Lunch Evenings
Wed Closed 4pm-10pm
Thurs Closed 4pm-10pm
Fri Open 11:30 Close 10pm
Sat Open 12pm Close10pm
Sun Open 12pm Close 6pm

Family Friendly!

We are family friendly! Our brewery offers a small children’s area with blocks, books, and a large chalkboard wall for your child’s enjoyment.  We have several tables in that area for families to enjoy their time together.  The key word is TOGETHER! Please remain with your children at all times for their safety and out of respect for other patrons. **State law mandates that all patrons under the age of 21 may not remain past 9pm.**


We are dog friendly! Please keep your furry family member on leash, off tables, and out of walkways for their safety and the safety of other patrons and food runners! Ask for a water bowl at the bar, we have plenty.  Pig skin treats are available for $1 at any register.   *we reserve the right to ask your family to leave if we feel that your dog or owner are being unsafe*

Games and

Entertainment is everywhere! We have numerous giant TVs for sports, darts (for adults only), corn hole, and if you like boardgames, you can exchange an ID for multiple selections from behind the bar. Come and play!

Please no outside food or drinks!

We serve food so you do not have to!  Please refrain from bringing outside food to our establishment.  If there is a special occasion (mmm, cake!) or dietary reason, please consult our staff at info@bcbrewerymd.com to answer any questions at all.

*We are a production brewery and our license does not allow us to serve or allow the drinking of wine or any other beverage that was not brewed onsite.

Ask our Beertenders about gift Cards!